Local Lettings Plan - Alfred Gunn House

Closes 5 Jul 2024

Opened 22 May 2024


We are working in partnership with local residents to develop the Local Lettings Plan for Alfred Gunn House, which is currently being refurbished.

A Local Lettings Plan is an additional criteria for a specific area, estate or block of apartments. It means that the Local Lettings Plan properties affected will be allocated in a different way to the usual approach.

Once the refurbishment is completed, there will be 130 properties in the block (75 2-bedroomed flats and 55 1-bedroomed flats). This could potentially mean even an even higher number of ASB cases within the block if not managed correctly.

To focus on addressing tenancy sustainment, we want to engage locally so we take the opportunity to create a sustainable and engaged community with households wanting to settle and not move on at the first opportunity. We can achieve this by ensuring that we have a mixed and sustainable community from first letting.

A Local Lettings Plan will allow us to the opportunity to set additional criteria to these properties prior to them being marketed. The intended outcomes include:

  • A reduction of anti-social behaviour reports.
  • A reduction in demand for intensive housing management of tenancies.
  • Ensuring the new high standards of property condition are maintained after first let.
  • A decrease in turnover of tenancies.

It is anticipated that this LLP will deliver a significant reduction of ASB.  The proposed refurbishment and LLP will contribute towards more sustained tenancies and offer residents the opportunity to enjoy their homes, local environment and feel part of a community.    

Please take time to read the draft Local Lettings Plan for Alfred Gunn House before responding.

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Why your views matter

It is really important that we have the views of a wide range of residents living in the surrounding area to ensure the strategies are meaningful.

If you do not understand English very well, please let us know what language(s) you speak or read, and we will make every effort to assist you.

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