Sandwell Boroughwide Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation on Alcohol, Dogs and BBQs / Fires

Closed 16 Nov 2023

Opened 8 Sep 2023


Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Consultation on a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

s59 to 75 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

As part of a response to issues of Anti-Social Behaviour across the Borough, for the last 3 years Sandwell has had in place 2 Boroughwide Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) related to alcohol consumption in public places and dogs. PSPOs last for 3 years before needing to be considered for renewal. It is important that we consult with our residents so that your views can be taken into consideration in relation to renewing or not renewing these orders.  

The two orders that we currently have in place relating to alcohol and dogs cover the following requirements:


Authorised officers / constables, where satisfied that nuisance or disorder associated with alcohol is occurring, can require people not to consume alcohol in the area and to surrender any alcohol in their possession. It is an offence to fail to comply with these requirements without reasonable excuse.

It is recognised that the consumption of alcohol in public spaces is closely linked with Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). This order has provided an opportunity to engage with people, offer support  and take enforcement action where necessary.


It's an offence for a person in charge of a dog to fail to pick up the dog’s faeces forthwith should it defecate whilst in their control.

This order provides an opportunity to engage and educate dog owners and take enforcement action if necessary.

It is proposed to continue with these requirements as part of the renewal process but we are also considering some additional requirements in relation to dogs and a new restriction relating to BBQs / fires on public land as follows:

i) Failing to produce a receptacle for picking up dog faeces – this would require dog walkers to carry an appropriate receptacle for dealing with their dogs waste. This requirement would aim to ensure that all dog walkers have the means to pick up their dogs faeces

ii) Dog Exclusion – making it an offence to allow a dog into a children’s play area / enclosed sports areas such as tennis courts which have been designed to exclude dogs. This will include all fenced / enclosed children’s play areas / courts

iii) the prohibition of BBQs / Fires on public land including campfires following a spate of fires across the Borough.  

This would provide a power to issue a Fix Penalty Notice in relation to anyone refusing to comply with these requests. 

Why your views matter

As Boroughwide restrictions we are asking all residents to have your say. We particularly want to hear from residents, local business and interested parties on the proposals.

To provide your feedback, please complete these consultation questions. Any feedback or objections to the Orders (stating the grounds on which they are made) must be received either online via this survey or via post to: ASB Team Manager, Sandwell MBC, Operations & Development Centre, Direct 2 Industrial Park, Roway Lane, Oldbury, West Midlands B69 3ES by 16th November 2023.


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