Consultation on the draft Fishing Policy

Closed 24 Nov 2023

Opened 13 Oct 2023


Angling has been a popular pastime within Sandwell’s Green Spaces for many years. As a Council we want to make sure that angling activity is balanced against allowing our wildlife and ecology to flourish and the needs of other Park users, whilst also protecting our green spaces for future use.

Sandwell Council has 25 water bodies within the borough that are accessible by the public. Many of these sites are popular for angling. There are often discrepancies and confusion in the understanding of rules and regulations for fishing on these sites.

The introduction of an Fishing Policy will remove any previous confusion regarding the rules and regulations and identify which locations permit angling. The policy will also identify the cost of fishing and where permits can be purchased.

Please read our draft policy (below) before answering questions:-

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  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Understanding Views